Dessata Beard Brush HEY JOE!

Dessata Beard Brush HEY JOE!


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Dessata Beard Brush HEY JOE!

Dessata Beard Brush by HEY JOE! has an innovative design carefully studied to provide a fantastic result in the disentangling and care of your beard.

It consists of a bristled structure made of special thermoplastic material. These bristles are flexible and of three different lengths, allowing them to bend when they encounter knots in your beard; so no more pulling. However, they are firm enough to gently, quickly, and effortlessly untangle, while providing a gentle massage on your skin.

It does not break the hair, it does not cause static electricity and protects the hair cuticle, giving your beard a shiny appearance and more clearly defined ends.
It is very easy and convenient to use. Its studied size and ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It incorporates a protective cap that makes it more hygienic and practical, allowing you to conveniently carry it in your toiletry bag and preventing its bristles from getting dirty or damaged.

You can use it while dry or wet and it is great to complete the treatment after applying your favorite beard oil, serum, or balm.
With Dessata Beard Brush by HEY JOE! let the daily brushing of your beard become the most enjoyable moment of your day.

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Reviews over Dessata Beard Brush HEY JOE!

- Baardborstel Hey Joe

5 5

Zalig borsteltje, kamt zeer goed uit.
Ik heb een enorm lastige baard ... ong 10 cm lang en zo een poedel dat onder mijn kin hangt, voor elke cm naar beneden krult hij 5 cm rond.
Maar dit kammetje doet het prima nadat ik mijn baard gewassen heb met baardshampoo.
Het leuke is ook dat na de olie en het kammen je het makkelijk uit kan wassen.

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